Express Websites@ZERO Commissions

What We Offer

With Express Website@ZERO Commissions we take care of your e-commerce platform while you focus on your business.

Increase your revenue

Don't purchase, save money and lease your platform

Do you own a pizzeria? a bakery? or Indian Restaurant? Allow your customers to order and pay straight from your website all @ZERO Commissions.

Increase Your Revenue

Your platform accepts all payments

Your lease website includes onboarding Stripe Account. Where via your financial dashboard you can select all type of payments, IDEAL and credit cards to manage your revenues.

The best secure online payment services

After you sign-up for your Express Website Lease you will receive a Stripe unboarding account invitation, Stripe will be your official financial dashboard where you may manage your sale revenues and set financial transfers to your bank daily, weekly... doesn't have access to your cash and financials, we don't collect commissions from

Express Website@ZERO Commissions Features

AD Campaign
Dynamic Form Builder

Frequently Asked Questions

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They are two ways to go:

  • 1) you keep your website and we launched a sub-domain ordering website.
  • 2) We migrate your domain name to our server and launched the new platform under your original domain name.

All payments are transfered to your Stripe Dashboard, from your dashboard you may selected when and where the revenues from your lease website will be transfered to your bank. For the records we do not have access to Stripe services other than onboarding your business to does not have access to your revenues. 

Yes, charge transaction fees witch are deducted from each transaction payments.


You can set that up in your own dashboard.