“We started 1605 Collective with a focus on producing high-quality art books and content in the fields of art, architecture and design, and then naturally progressed to publishing articles, portfolios and interviews in a print magazine. Now we’re proud to present the exclusive content in our first annual 1605 Magazine.”

Bastiaan Woudt (b. 1987, The Netherlands) is a sought-after photographer that started his career 10 years ago. From emotive portraits to mystic landscape photography, he is known to capture monochrome minimalism at its finest. Bastiaan Woudt is inspired by the classic masters of photography like Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. With charcoal tones and elegant compositions, his photography feels like stepping into a modern painting.

T-Stand by Bastiaan Woudt

T-Stand designed by Bastiaan Woudt is a large-format book stand – the perfect solution for displaying big books or Fine art portfolios. Several years ago, Bastiaan Woudt began making handmade collector’s boxes containing a book and prints. Since these are more difficult to place in an interior, and it’s a shame not to give them the attention they deserve. Therefore, Bastiaan Woudt designed a tripod bookstand that perfectly meets this need. The result is the T-Stand or art book holder, and as the name suggests, the big brother of the V-Stand. Bastiaan Woudt is proud to offer this stand through 1605 Publishers.

Publisher: 1605 Publishers | Design: Bastiaan Woudt | Material: Steel
Color: Black Matt | Size: 111x76x49 cm

V-Stand & V-Stand XL by Bastiaan Woudt

Discover the V-Stand XL, the most stylish bookstand on the market and a testament to quality, minimalist design and enduring functionality. Designed as an evolution of our original V-Stand, this larger version of our bestselling bookstand supports bigger books and portfolio boxes.

At 1605 Collective, customer satisfaction drives our innovation. With the same attention to detail and timeless aesthetic that defines our brand, this bookstand is designed to hold your larger treasures while maintaining the elegance of its predecessor.

Produced by 1605 Collective

Rhythm by Bastiaan Woudt | Cover Carlos