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Membership's start from a 6, 12, or 18 months advertising period with appropriate discounts.


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After you select a membership and pay via IDEAL your first month, you will receive a web-form to register your business.



In your business registration web-form you can upload images from your restaurant and foods. If you’re in need professional pictures click on the banner below?


Reservations & Delivery

Your advertising web-page on include reservation and delivery web-links.


Google Ads

20 to 25 % or our revenues are invested in Google Ads to further marketing your advertising page. If your business wants to increase visitors on your advertising page then set up your marketing budget and we will invest in Google Ads for you.

We guarantee lower prices for your advertising

Publish your restaurant in the EAT section on and reach tourists and art lovers. We create beautiful web-page advertising with stonish layout to promote your business.

Do you need professional photography?

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