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Pricing Options for Your Editorial Page:

  • 18-Month Plan: €6.25 per day
  • 12-Month Plan: €8.00 per day

Choose the plan that best suits your budget and marketing goals.

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"With the 18-month plan at just €6.25 per day, you only need to sell about one meal per week at €45 to cover your costs. However, the advantage of partnering with is that most museum visitors and tourists dine in pairs. This means you'll likely fill a table for two every two weeks, significantly reducing the number of meals needed to recoup your investment.

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"While our monthly fee of €6.25 per day remains consistent, we believe in offering exceptional value to our clients. That's why we provide one month FREE for each restaurant location – a potential savings of €375 annually for two restaurants.

This offer allows you to experience the full benefits of our platform risk-free. Gain access to targeted marketing campaigns, expert guidance, and integrated sales tools, all designed to drive growth for your business." offer your own account manager to guide you and work together with your business goals in mind, from Google Ads to Social Media's fully schedule posting for a period of three to six months. Please contact our sales team to set up a Google Meets meeting.  

You can purchase banners located underneath world class museum listings, we will help you with this unique opportunity to reach even more customers... 



Editorial Page

"Elevate your brand with a stunning editorial page designed by our expert team. Showcase your culinary creations with a captivating photo gallery, immersive video, and a convenient map for easy directions. Our 'To-Go' section ensures your customers can savor restaurant-quality food at home, expanding your reach and boosting sales."


Restaurant Reservations

"Streamline your reservations with our booking partner integrations like OpenTable and The Fork. They offer free download widgets, eliminating booking fees for a seamless customer experience. We'll seamlessly integrate your restaurant widget with your stunning EAT editorial page on, expanding your reach to a wider audience.


Sales & Marketing

"Our expert developers have seamlessly integrated your pages with top sales and marketing platforms, preparing you for a powerful 360-degree marketing campaign. We're ready to drive your success with data-driven strategies, comprehensive analytics, and detailed reports. Attract and engage more international museum visitors, expanding your reach and boosting your brand visibility. Let's unlock your restaurant's full potential together!"


Analytics for Your Business

"In the world of marketing, data is king., in partnership with, is your ultimate solution for reaching the right audience. We don't just develop technology; we're marketers who understand how to leverage data to drive results. Once your advertising campaign launches, our team will meticulously analyze the data and provide you with actionable insights, ensuring your message reaches the most relevant museum-goers."