Dutch Design

Dutch Designer © Huub Smits "fototypo Letterhead "Freddie Mercury" Limited Edition.
Museumad offer marketing services for Dutch (and INL) Designers, the idea behind is to introduce beautiful and valuable design products to be sold in museum gifts shops. If you are a museum or a designer feel free to contact us.   

Dutch & International Design

A membership includes a full editorial page published on museumtickets.nl with your E-Commerce redirected to you shopping page, gallery, video and much more. All of your online sale fees if any are between your business and your E-Commerce partners, museumtickets.nl. Memberships are from 12 and 18 months.


Business Information

Museumtickets.nl is a centralized platform for museum visitors and tourists from all around the world visiting The Netherlands, your beautiful full editorial page will enable your business to communicate to this large group of cultural visitors. We have decided to sell affordable monthly memberships instead of a large sum “up-front payment". You can choose your membership for 12 or 18 months.


Media & Design

Our team will upload your collection, pictures and videos. Our target audiences is B2B (mainly museums), thus, make sure to include a special (B2B) web-page on your own website as well. After you have selected your membership for 12 or 18 months and have confirmed your email address, then you will be redirected to your STRIPE payment page to complete a first monthly payment and validate your membership on museumtickets.nl


Payments & Subscriptions

When your payment has been confirmed you will receive a web-form where you may upload media files, texts, PDF catalogues, social media links, E-Commerce and much more... Upon the completion of your web form, our developers will create your customized web page for museumtickets.nl.


museumad (B2B)

Our team will create a special web page published on museumad.nl, the purpose of this webpage would be to introduce your design's and products to museum professionals. Additionally and for a separate agreement we may integrate shopping cards into specific museum pages on specific cities to sell your products to our online visitors.


Google Ads

We invest in Google Ads 20% (6 months) to 25% (12 or 18 months) to further market your museumad. If your business wants to increase visitors on your advertising page then set up your marketing budget and we will invest in Google Ads for your business.

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