Select Your SHOP Listing Membership

Select 6, 12 or 18 months for your listing period membership with appropriated discounts, after you signed-up and paid your first month you will be redirected to phase 2.


Business Information

This document will gather important information our team needed to create your beautiful SHOP Listing page in


Content and Uploading Images

This form will allow you to upload items and your store images, text descriptions and pricing indications.


E-commerce and visits

Your SHOP listing page includes weblinks to your E-commerce and your store location. We don't take commissions from E-commerce platforms that’s an agreement between you and them.


Branded content - Need better pictures?

Sean Valerio Co-founder and is a professional photographer; top quality images are very crucial to increase bookings and reservations. Click on the banner below to see some of his work and photography. Sean Valerio is shooting exclusively with Leica.


Membership Dashboard

You will receive from access your own secure dashboard where invoices and payments are stores for your administrations etc.

Do you need professional photography?

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